Protecting IP

Protecting Your IP

We draw on our experience to connect you with a network of external professionals who will ensure that you have control and ownership of all your IP and enforce ownership and value where necessary.

By arranging legal registration and insurance, by conducting anti-piracy operations or by managing litigation action where required, we can help you protect your business’ IP assets.

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IP litigation management

Litigation is expensive, stressful and uncertain, particularly where it is conducted on a cross-border basis where there may be unfamiliarity with different legal systems and their cultures.

  • We provide our clients with a litigation support service to manage their IP disputes and litigation.
  • We will identify, recommend and work with the best lawyers on your behalf to take litigation forward if necessary and preferably to avoid it.
  • We are accustomed to managing all aspects of your relationship with external lawyers to enable you to do what you do best without the distraction of litigation – namely running your business.

International Reach

We have international capabilities and regularly work with IP experts and specialist lawyers in the EU, US, Canada, India, Israel, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, China, Russia and Australia.

Cost Control

Many of our clients find it hard or embarrassing to challenge the costs of their external professional advisers never more so than where there is litigation.  We can be your partner in managing your costs and provide a specialist team to manage your legal risk and to control your external legal costs.

IP Insurance

We can help you to obtain low cost IP insurance from approved and regulated brokers to enable you to enforce and protect certain IP rights in certain conditions.

IP Anti-Piracy Strategy

Companies rich in IP are regular victims from commercial competitors and organised criminals who see opportunities to create cheaper and inferior copy-cat products and services. They are able to do so because their business model does not include the payment of taxes, capital investment, R&D costs and /or the use of inferior materials.  All of these ensure that there is an uneven playing field.

  • We provide advice, guidance and support on anti-piracy investigations and prosecutions to defend and protect organisations’ IP from counterfeiting and piracy, whether this takes place through the internet or in the physical market-place.
  • We also work with those wrongly accused of having committed IP criminal offences and who may have been raided by statutory enforcement bodies
  • We have more than 37 years’ experience of working with statutory enforcement bodies to ensure that our clients’ concerns are swiftly and effectively dealt with leading to the cessation and disruption of the infringing behaviour and possibly the prosecution of those involved in it.
  • We can manage and co-ordinate for you an effective anti-counterfeiting strategy involving swift, decisive and joined up action by a team of experts drawn from areas such as legal, forensic examination, and physical product and internet investigators.

IP Registrations

Following an IPSR we may recommend that certain intellectual assets are registered at the appropriate register to secure and maximise that IP protection. For example a patent should be sought for important inventions and technical processes, a trade mark should be registered for important names, logos, straplines and even shapes and smells, and significant and new designs that possess individual character can where it is commercially viable be registered.

Litigation Funding 

We have good contacts that can assist you in obtaining funding and insurance and can help you manage your professional costs.

We can assist you to obtain litigation funding to provide finance for all or part of your legal costs involved in litigation and in so doing enable good cases to proceed where there would otherwise be limitations to their budget.

Mediation Services

Many IP disputes are best resolved through mediation rather than litigation. We have considerable experience of acting as mediators in IP disputes and can also represent you at a mediation should you wish.

Our training as mediators gives us a particular advantage when representing you at a mediation.

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