David Basskin – Host “The Nightfly” at JAZZ FM 91

Nick is bright, experienced and highly knowledgable. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal advice without hesitation.


Barney Battles – The League of Angels

The League of Angels is a premier British advisory society supporting fast growing British business with a global impact.

Nick Kounoupias has delivered a sterling service to the League over 5+ years providing both pragmatic and cost effective advice with an incredible ability to connect with entrepreneurs, senior government representatives and business markets with a warmth and insightful legal mind. We are honoured to have Nick as one of our founding members and thoroughly recommend his ability and advice.


Rob Bozas – MD Bozas international ltd

I have known Nick Kounoupias for at least 12 years if not longer having dealt with Nick as a corporate lawyer at the MCPS as well as in private practice. The great thing about working with Nick is he understands the law, the peculiarities of rights issues and he loves music. This means that he is able to develop an understanding of the artists and their needs as well as tackling the legal issues at hand. So its a fabulous mixture of pragmatism and application of the law. We need more lawyers like Nick.


Paul Brennan – Lawyer at Brennans Solicitors

A highly professional and knowledgeable anti-piracy lawyer who has a firm grasp on the law and how to effect changes.


David Buskell – Owner, World Domination Music Ltd

I’ve worked with Nick at PRS on music matters and also during his time at DMH Stallard in relation to some of my music contacts. I can highly recommend his knowledge and expertise in IP and congratulate him on the founding of his new firm.



John Call – Former Senior Clerk at 8 New Square

Nick has instructed 8 New Square on IP cases at all levels and over a long period of years. He has great experience in this field.


Lavinia Carey – Government Relations, audiovisual industry, marketing professional

Nick has a great memory for the details that make the difference between a good laywer and a great lawyer. He’s meticulous and tenacious and fun to work with too.


Lord Clement-Jones – Liberal Democrat Peer at House of Lords

I have worked with Nick on a number of IP matters over many years, most recently on pharmaceutical and design law issues, and can highly recommend him for his knowledge, integrity and dedication.


Dennis Collopy – Senior Research Fellow at University of Hertfordshire and Advisor at AudienceNet

I have known Nick for over 20 years and consider him one of the most capable and knowledgable practioners in IP litigation and anti-piracy work within the music and entertainment industries.



Sharon Dean – Artist Manager of Neo Classical Icelandic Composer

Nick is a first class lawyer and communicator. His knowledge of copyright law is second to none. I have worked with him during my time as Director of Licensing at MCPS ( now PRS for Music) . I have also commissioned his services and advice on a number of occasions as a music publisher and manager. I have also recommended him to other friends and colleagues in the music industry. He is also a charming man and a pleasure to know!


Thomas Dillon – Intellectual Property/Public Policy

Over the years I have come to recognise the combination of practicality, thoughtfulness and accessibility that makes Nick such an appealing lawyer. He thinks about legal issues in an original way, but has long, practical experience in the use and enforcement of IP rights; and he is an engaging colleague.


PJ Dulay – SVP Music Partnerships

What do you need from your legal counsel? Expertise, tenacity a tireless drive to represent their clients best interests. Pllenty of lawyers can do that. But what makes the difference? Honesty and common sense that only comes from decades of work at the forefront of IP legal work. A decent man who’ll stand you a beer and not send you an invoice for the privilege of his company. He does have a terrible attachment to a certain North London football club but other than that he’s pretty well house trained.



Rob Ferrari – Head of IT Infrastructure and Support at The Hyde Group

Nick has a tremendous knowledge of Intellectual Property law amongst other things and has the gift of being able to translate this so as the layman (such as myself) can understand the legal workings. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nick at PRS and would recommend his services without hesitation.


Guy Fletcher – President legendary composer and music publisher

Nick Kounoupias is my first choice for legal advice and action in any matters of copyright.  He is undaunted by complexity and has an enormous knowledge of local and international copyright law coupled with long experience in the field. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


Robin Fry – Cerno Professional Services / Memery Crystal

Nick is an astute and highly commercial expert in copyright and other IP matters. Very sound and with the lateral thinking and confidence to get the right results. Recommended.


Brian Foster – Hille

Nick handled our case with great aplomb and took us with ease to a point of satisfaction to all parties not only saving time and reducing the stress but saved a good deal of money. If you have any IP problems or associated IP issues and need help or advice, Nick Kounoupias is your man. He is a specialist on the subject. He is first class and very easy to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending him.



Ajay Gajjar – Credit Manager

Nick and I worked together at the Music Alliance where I was Credit Manager. The nature of Royalty collections is difficult at the best of times, especially when the products are used prior to payment. However Nicks knowledge and practical application of Copyright Law as Head of Anti-Piracy was impressive and this resulted in securing the first custodial conviction for copyright theft in the UK.


Paul James Gardner – Music copyright and business analyst

I worked with Nick during his time as in-house Legal Adviser at PRS For Music. Nick’s grasp of IP law is impeccable. More importantly, he is able to break the law down into simple language for those who do not have a legal background. This is a rare talent, especially in the music industry. I was also impressed by Nick’s ability to cut through to the heart of an issue, even if there are more legal documents than you can poke a stick at. Above all, his sense of humour is refreshing and only serves to enhance his professional conduct.


Maria Georgiadou – Cyprus Seeds

Nick has extensive experience in IP law in Europe. His experiences and advice on IP law has proven very valuable in Cyprus.


Paige Gibbs – Managing Director at Gibbs Music Services Ltd

In an increasingly challenging digital environment Nick is committed to safeguarding the value of music copyright. He is a very well respected figure within the industry who has diligently asserted his extensive knowledge of IP and Media Law, to create a better comprehension of the significance of copyright awareness.


Gill Grassie – Consultant at Brodies LLP

Nick is very experienced in the area of IP and in copyright issues especially. Nick takes a very commercial approach and is able to explain highly complex legal issues to clients very succinctly so that they are understood very easily. He is good to work with and builds rapport with clients and colleagues alike.



Rob Hanlon – Global Partnerships Director at Readly

Nick was always a great support to our Media Licensing business and knew entertainment IP in depth. He was also very easy and personable to work with.


Gwilym Harbottle – Barrister at Hogarth Chambers

Nick’s immense experience and strong commercial sense gets him good results in the IP field, both criminal and civil.


Amanda Harcourt – IP Consultant

I worked alongside Nick many years ago and it was always a happy and productive exercise. Latterly, I have referred people with potential conflicts to him. Without exception all those who I sent his way have come back to me with positive comments – about his immediate grasp of their problem, his understanding of the need for both strategy and tactics in a contentious situation and his reassuring personal manner.


Ger Hayes – Managing Director at NicoBloc Plc

Nick is great to work with, a real gentleman, totally professional and an all round top class person.


Andy Hill – Chairman and Founder of I Like Music

Nick is a real pleasure to deal with. His knowledge of music licensing, music governance and matters for The Copyright Tribunal is outstanding and he delivers results in a cost effective manner.


Julian Heathcote Hobbins – Legal Counsel, License and Compliance at Autodesk

Nick is a first class IP and has all the experience required in order to get the result the client needs. A clear legal thinker. Recommended.


Stephanie Holiday –  Managing Director at Rock Choir

Nick has provided support and guidance to the business around the licensing requirements within the music industry for many years. He has also introduced us to his contacts that have been able to support us in other areas such as contracts and trademarks which has enabled us, with his support, to protect the business we have been growing for 15 years.


Richard Horwell – Brand Relations

Nick has been an incredible ally to me in several of my businesses and my personal life, no matter what the challenge he has been there and always put me on the winning side. His knowledge and contacts are beyond any lawyer I have ever met and most importantly I am proud to call him a friend.



Philip Johnson – Design/ Innovation/Place

There can’t be many better guides to the increasing complexity of intellectual property law than Nick, who is able to navigate legislation in a way that is easily understood, with the vision to look at challenges from all perspectives, and from the complexity, to extract solutions and the optimum strategies to achieve them.



Harri Kakoulli – Founder and Owner at Harri Kakoulli Productions

I have known Nick Kounoupias for many years now. Nick has helped me out on many legal issues concerning music, media and Anti Piracy. I have found Nick to be a true professional in his field His attitude and passion for his work is second to none.


Klas Karlsson – Partner and Business Developer at Schottenius & Partners AB

Nick is in his role at DMH Stallard a partner for us at Yellow Brand Protection. You quickly realize that Nick has extensive expertise in IP Enforcement. In our cooperation, we have seen an impressive ability to always act from the client’s best. Nick is a real team player.


Iain Kemplay – Kemplay Consulting Ltd

I had the pleasure of working with Nick when we were both at PRS for Music. He is a highly experienced and knowledgeable IP lawyer with a great contacts book and in particular I recall the great success he delivered in some difficult and complex litigation cases we needed to take against non-compliant broadcasters. I fully recommend him and he is a thoroughly good guy too.


Imran Khan – CEO and Co-Founder of Morgan Randall | London Real Estate Investor

Nick worked with us on some matters which were very involved and needed a strong individual to get the job done. I was very pleased we had Nick on our side and always felt he understood what we required and was able to execute to perfection. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute in recommending Nick, you’d be mad not to have him in your corner!


Thomas Kline – Partner at Cultural Heritage Partners PLLC

Nick is extremely knowlegeable about copyright law and related fields and an adroit litigator. He is also a pleasure to work with.


David Kremer – Director at British Design Fund

Nick is an expert IP lawyer with many years experience and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend his services.


Tim Kuik – Managing Director at BREIN

I worked with Nick on an international committee identifying best practices in IPR enforcement, where he proved a constructive, knowledgeable and analytical communicator. A bridge builder and a pleasure to work with.



Paul Leonard – CEO at BalaTech Limited

I came to know Nick as one of the UK’s leading IP lawyers when I was the Director of the IP Institute. Nick has written and spoken extensively on a wide range of IP issues and is unquestionably a thought leader, as well as an expert practitioner. I can commend him in the highest regard for any aspect of IP legal advice, especially in copyright, design and media law.


Eddie Levy – Owner at Chelsea Music Publishing Co Ltd

Nick is the perfect lawyer to have on your side, a great fighter and a brilliant negotiator, also a marvellous fast bowler, blows the opposition away!



Dids Macdonald, OBE – CEO of ACID (Anti Copying in Design)

I have worked with Nick Kounoupias as ACID’s Chief Legal Counsel for the last few years. I have found his extensive knowledge and experience of copyright and trade mark law a significant benefit in achieving ACID’s objectives for design law reform. The culmination of this work was a Government Designs Consultation in 2012 in which ACID played a key role as part of its strategy to raise awareness of design and IP issues in support its importance to the UK economy. In the critical time ahead Nick’s considerable abilities to incisively cut through the existing complexities of design law and communicate to policy makers the need for positive change will ensure that this valuable part of the creative industries will be supported with a better legal framework.


Rodney McMahon – Morgan Furniture

Nick fights tooth and nail to win cases for his clients. He has also helped to change the IP laws in the UK to secure better protection in IP law for designers and is a respected thought leader in his field.


Ketan Mehta – Managing Director at NSL Group

Nick’s contribution to the BAEPD and the industry as a whole is of great value.

The advice provided on various topics is well thought out and we as a group are confidently guided by this in determining how to tackle industry challenges.


Julian Mellini – Global Head of Insights, Analytics and Business Intelligence at Real Madrid C.F.

In the first minute of talking with Nick, you can tell that beyond his skill as a lawyer, he is genuinely committed to helping the community, his friends and his colleagues.


Ed Moris – Delimusic

Nick has a well informed passion for justice and is a perpetual conduit of such information. A man who has sailed many a rocky water in the ever changing world of IP. Top bloke too.


Tony Moss – Music Industry Executive  & Lecturer

Nick was always on hand to give expert advice and patient in explaining the complexities to us laymen!



Chris Nicolaides – Composer

Nick has excellent knowledge of music and IP law, terrific client care skills and is sympathetic to composer concerns.



Maria Pavlou – Founder at PIXEL Giants

Nick is a “human” lawyer! Not a robot, not a machine. He is calm, honest, knowledgeable and always with the best advice; and not just legal advice. You know that he has your best interest at heart, and that’s rare to find. He has helped me through a tough IP journey and has taught me everything I now know about IP. I am more confident because of him, as a creator and as a deal negotiator and I will forever be grateful.


Panayiotis Philimis – Cyric

Nick did a magnificent job in helping us find the best solutions in protecting our IP. This was a huge task that we could not have accomplished ourselves in the time allotted. We thank him for his excellent work in this matter.


Tony Pluckrose – Patent and Trade Mark Attorney at Boult Wade Tennant

I have worked with Nick for 30 years. He has more knowledge of how to use the UK criminal courts to enforce IP rights than any other lawyer I know. This was gained in part through the successful prosecutions he brought as part of the anti-piracy team at the MCPS. Nick is also a trained mediator and is creative in his approach to settling commercial disputes. He is personable and approachable.


Alex Protogerellis – Covve co-founder and chief technology officer

Nick has been supporting us in our innovation grant applications for three years now. He has been invaluable in the process and, most importantly, a real pleasure to work with. In addition to his subject matter expertise, he always applies common sense and business thinking to our problems to arrive at great solutions, often at a moment’s notice. Looking forward to our continued cooperation in the years to come.



Bharat Shah – Sigma Pharma

I have known Nick through family connections, social connections and also as a professional who is giving his service and advice to the pharmaceutical Parallel Import industry. Nick has acted as an IP consultant to the British Association of European Pharmaceutical Distributors who have continuous IP issues with pharmaceutical giants and their brands across UK and Europe. Nick also has been very active in lobbying the government on behalf of BAEPD, the rights of exhaustion regime suitable for parallel import pharmaceutical industry. Nick is also very conversant with IP legislation in connection with music, art and cinema.


Manish Shah – Sigma Pharma

Nick is a very prominent Intellectual Property Lawyer and acts as an adviser/consultant to our trade association BAEPD (British Association of European Pharmaceutical Distributors). Intellectual Property Rights is a very complex area and Nick has so much knowledge and provides clear proposals on how he can help and protect our industry. Nick listens and acts fast.


Warren Shiell – Law offices of Warren R Shiell APC Family Law Specialist

I have worked with Nick in the past and he is an excellent lawyer in the UK on IP and copyright and licensing matters. I would not hesitate to refer clients with UK or European IP matters to Nick.

I have known Nick as a friend and an outstanding lawyer for almost forty years. Experienced, intellectually acute and business orientated I highly endorse Nick.


John Sinnos – Financial Planner at Foster Denovo

My trusted lawyer for more than 20 years. 


Kalpesh Solanki- Asian Media Group

Nick is the best litigation strategist I know and uses his legal knowledge and impressive network of contacts to secure the best outcome for his clients in a cost effective and timely manner. He is IP royalty and a thought leader in this fast moving field.


Sotiris Spyrou – Head of SEO at Robert Half

There have been a couple of occasions that I have needed advice regarding IP. Nick’s services came highly recommend to me and on each occasion that I have needed him, I have found his guidance to be intelligent, practical, clear and invaluable. Nick will remain my first port of call for all IP Law related matters. I recommend Nick without hesitation.


Mike Stobbie – Owner of The Fifth Company

Nick is genuinely one of the most reassuring and genius lawyers on the block.



Alastair Thomson – Partner at Collier Thomson & Co LLP

Nick is a superstar in the legal firmament, combining warmth, wit and exceptional people skills with a specialist understanding of IP law, some of which he contributed to in the drafting, to deliver a technically sound and commercially just service that blows away the competition. Introducing him to my largest client was one of the smartest things I did. Nick is an accomplished and charismatic public speaker, and a person of outstanding loyalty to clients and friends alike.



Annette Yeo – Lasso The Moon Ltd

Nick has been providing his legal services to our production company whilst we’re working towards mounting a commercial theatre production.

He brings extensive legal expertise to the table but alongside that, Nick is very committed and passionate for the projects he works on. He is extremely personable and brings a lovely calm rationale to all proceedings. He will go above and beyond to deliver all that you require in any legal proceedings and you are made to feel very supported and because of that he becomes very much a part of your team.

It’s a great pleasure to work with Nick and we wouldn’t hesitate in highly recommending him for any of your legal needs.