Managing IP

Let our ‘Managing IP’ team help you to plan, grow and monetise the value of your IP assets,

We will work with you to develop strategies to identify and realise the commercial potential of your IP so you can create a valuable revenue stream for your business.

By providing strategic advice on licensing and other income generation sources, by formulating policies and by lobbying for a beneficial legislative and economic environment, we can help you to ensure a long term revenue stream – driven by IP.


Commercial strategy

We provide a suite of IP consultancy services designed to enable you to identify, understand control, manage, monetise and protect the intellectual assets of your business. Our IP examination services offer a powerful management tool designed to provide you with the necessary information and insight to identify your IP and to then introduce policies to maximise the value from IP and to assist you to prepare an action plan detailing how your IP assets will be commercialised.

We can also consider with you which territories should be covered by the IP strategy, the extent to which any external investment is needed to take any product to market, and whether there are licensing opportunities.

We can put together checklists, polices and guidelines to form the basis for creating a common culture for you to maximise your investment in IP.


IP Tax

Once the IP of a business has been identified, and an appropriate strategy devised for maximising its potential through a valuation and any necessary registrations applied for or obtained, we may recommend to you to consider the financial aspects (including tax) aspects of the ownership or licensing structures including obtaining tax advice.  We work with trusted advisers in this field and are happy to recommend them to you.


IP Funding

One of the purposes of creating an IP strategy is to assist businesses to secure external investment and funding. We work with specialist IP investment teams and have the networks and connections to present your business needs to a wide selection of funders ranging from high net worth individuals, and private wealth funds through to private and high street banks.  Where we successfully assist you to obtain funding for your business we reserve the right to charge a finders fee.


Public affairs services

We have lobbied very successfully for legislative change across all parts of the IP industries but in particular music (via PRSforMusic, MCPS, the MPA, BIEM, CISAC and British Music Rights), design (ACID), computer software (FAST), brands (ACG). We were involved in drafting the legislation that eventually was implemented in law in the UK as the Copyright and Trade Mark (Offences and Enforcement) Act 2002, and the IP Act 2014 and have also advised Government on copyright, designs and IP crime issues.

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