Understanding IP

Only when IP is properly understood can a business fully appreciate what it can do with it. Let us help you to identify, appreciate and value the IP in your business. We will work with you to analyse all aspects of your business, looking at the IP you own and generate, so that we can advise you how to grow your business. By conducting a thorough IP review of your business, by training you and your team to recognise IP issues and by advising on legislative or economic opportunities in your markets we give you the insight to help you create real strategic value.


IP Value Add

Every business has IP but not every business appreciates this, knows how to manage it or recognises its value even though for many businesses IP is in fact their single most important and valuable business asset.

Every business that is IP rich needs an IP strategy and we can help you to devise and manage this. Periodic reviews of IP are necessary to ensure that the strategy remains relevant, aligned with the overall commercial objectives of the business and benefit the general business strategy.

  • You can complete a brief IP Insight (IPI) survey which we will review with you and provide a brief overview report on your IP ownership.We will advise how best to maximise its potential and minimise any risk.
  • You can request a detailed and full IP Strategic Review (IPSR) review to enhance the value and monetisation of IP in your business, aligning your IP strategy with corporate objectives.  We will develop a risk strategy and recommend whether your IP should be registered and/or valued. We will also consider with you which territories should be covered by the IP strategy, whether any external investment is needed to take any product to market, and whether there are licensing opportunities. The fee for this will be fixed with you in advance and will depend on time taken, the complexity and the urgency of the work.


IP valuations

The primary reasons for valuing IP are as follows:

  • It improves the accuracy of a business’ worth
  • It may be important to the value of IP assets if they are to be traded, for example to calculate whether a royalty rate under a licence is appropriate and proportionate
  • In an acquisition of another company it will be necessary to value that other company’s IP
  • To help identify the most effective and efficient taxation strategy.
  • It may be important to estimate the value of a right in legal proceedings e.g. to quantify damages in an infringement case
  • If the business becomes bankrupt or is re-organised it will be necessary to form an assessment of its value

There are traditionally three methods for valuing IP. On a costs basis, a market value basis or an income or economic benefit model.  Each of these ways of valuing your IP differs and professional advice is needed to establish which is the best way to value your IP.


Tailored IP training

We can provide bespoke continuing education training course across a range of IP and related issues targeted at senior management, key employees with responsibility for IP issues, in house legal teams or anyone else involved in IP.  We have experienced presenters and can provide training and education services at a venue that you choose.

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