Understanding IP

In large organisations IP is often left in the hands of individuals who neither understand it nor appreciate its value to a business.
We can provide a suite of services to arm you with the requisite knowledge and understanding of IP issues in your industry sector aimed at raising the knowledge, appreciation and understanding of IP culture and law within your organisation and together form an IP partnership.
Our experience in the IP and Anti-Piracy world is unrivalled.

We can provide the following for you:

  • A full UK and EU IP monitoring and awareness service. Every month we send to our subscribers by email a four-page IP newsletter summarising recent judicial, legislative, economic, and political developments across the IP and Anti-Piracy areas within the EU and the UK. Every month IP experts from different fields across the IP spectrum will provide a guest article on a discrete area of IP expertise.
  • An immediate update by email whenever an important legal development takes place and follow it up with a more detailed analysis in the next newsletter
  • Bespoke continuing education training course across a range of IP and related issues targeted at senior management, key employees with responsibility for IP issues, in house legal teams or anyone else involved in IP. We have experienced presenters and can provide training and education services at a venue that you choose.
  • Public affairs services. We have lobbied very successfully for legislative change across all parts of the IP industries but in particular music (via PRSforMusic, MCPS, the MPA, BIEM, CISAC and British Music Rights), design (ACID), computer software (FAST), brands (ACG). We were involved in drafting the legislation that eventually was implemented in law in the UK as the Copyright and Trade Mark (Offences and Enforcement) Act 2002, and the IP Act 2014 and have also advised Government on copyright, designs and IP crime issues.
  • Act as an expert witness on IP law.
  • Be appointed as non-executive directors of select companies.

How we charge for Understanding IP Services

The subscription cost to our newsletter is £50 per month, £600 per year. However it is provided free of charge where a business enters into a retainer arrangement with us (see below).

Tailored IP training is provided at a fixed fee, which will be discussed and agreed with you. As a guide however a full day’s training, including detailed notes and slides, usually costs in the region of £2500.

Lobbying / public affairs work is usually carried out on a retainer basis but where specific projects are to be undertaken (for example responding to a Government or EU consultation) we will agree a specific fee with you in advance.

Expert witness, intelligence reports and non-executive directorships are charged on an hourly rate basis.