Terms of Business

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”- Warren Buffett

How We Charge

We strive to keep our overheads as low as possible so that you do not finish up having to pay for them. We offer a number of different payment options for our services and leave the decision on how you pay us down to you. These options include hourly rates, monthly retainers and fixed fees. We recognise that charging on an hourly rate basis does not suit all of our clients so we also offer monthly retainers or fixed fees. We offer two different levels of monthly retainer services to offer our clients price certainty and to enable our clients to set budgets and remain within them and not to receive nasty surprises when the bills arrive.

Our fees may also vary depending on the urgency required for the work in question. If work is requested urgently to the extent that we need to prioritise it over work we are undertaking for existing clients then we will need to charge a premium for that service.

Hourly Rates

Our usual hourly rate for consultancy services is £400 (plus VAT) per hour. Charging on an hourly rate basis is most cost effective and appropriate for a client when the work required is relatively infrequent and limited in scope. However unlike many professional services organisations we are not shackled to hourly rates and for larger or regular projects a fixed fee arrangement or monthly retainer may be more suitable

Retainer Services

What the monthly retainer covers

Standard Retainer:

  • Free IP health-check once a year (usually £500 fee)
  • Free IP risk review once a year
  • Free general monthly newsletter
  • 5 hours advice, support and guidance per month on IP issues

Premium Retainer:

  • Free IP basic audit (usually £3,000 fee)
  • Free IP risk review once a year
  • Free general monthly newsletter
  • 10 hours advice, support and guidance per month on IP issues
  • If UK based one free meeting (travel costs excluded) lasting two hours every three months to discuss any IP issue in person and to review supporting documents
  • If non UK based one free two hour Skype call or telephone call every three months
  • Tailored monthly IP update delivered by email

What the retainer does not cover:

  • One off pieces of advice , which are best dealt with on the hourly rate model
  • Bespoke training on any legal issues or on any IP management issues-we will agree a fixed fee for this
  • Bespoke lobbying of any UK or EU government body
  • Any IP investigations
  • Any IP registrations
  • IP Audit Plus
  • Any UK or international Court process, arbitration or mediation
  • The provision of legal advice and advice on any disputes. This includes all issued court, tribunal, or insolvency proceedings. Kounoupias IP is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. We will however recommend law firms that may be able to assist you and if required we can help manage the relationship at an agreed fee.
  • Any travel expenses that we incur in visiting you in person

Review of retainer

The retainer is for an initial fixed period of three months. We will review the retainer with you every three months, with an option for either of us to terminate or-by agreement-review the scope and cost

Cost of retainer

The cost of the monthly retainer is £2,500 plus VAT for the standard retainer and £5,000 plus VAT for the premium retainer both payable in advance depending on which service is selected.

Fixed Fee

If requested to do so we will always quote a fixed fee to you for a defined scope of work.

Our Health-checks and Audits are priced as follows:

IP Health-check £1,000
IP Audit Basic £3,000
IP Audit Premium £5,000

Full details of these services are available on request.

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