Kounoupias IP is an international business consultancy specialising in Intellectual Property and providing strategic guidance on the full spectrum of IP services.

We work closely with our clients to help them understand, protect and manage their IP and to enable them to develop a long-term IP strategy aligned with their commercial objectives. We also provide essential intelligence, awareness and training on IP issues to enable our clients to keep ahead of their competitors. We provide bespoke guidance and support and will always be flexible and seek to find the best route for the individual needs of each client.

We are a professional business service and not a law firm, so we don’t charge lawyers rates. What’s more there is no fee for an initial consultation, so why not contact us to find out more?

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Understanding IP

Only when you understand IP can you know its full value. Let our ‘Understanding IP’ team help you to identify, appreciate and value the IP in your business. We will work with you to analyse all aspects of your business, look at your IP you generate and the IP you use, so we can advise you how to use your IP assets to maximise the benefit to your business. By conducting a thorough IP review of your business and by training you and your team to recognise IP issues we will give you the Insight to create real strategic value.

  • IP Insight review
  • IP valuation services
  • Tailored IP training


Protecting IP

When you protect your IP you are protecting your business. Let our ‘Protecting IP’ team help you to secure, monitor or enforce the value of your IP assets. We draw on our experience to connect you with a network of external professionals who will ensure you have control and ownership of all your IP and enforce ownership and value where necessary. By arranging legal registration and insurance, by conducting anti-piracy operations or by managing litigation action where required, we can help you protect your business’ IP assets. 

  • Registration services
  • Litigation management and funding
  • Dispute mediation
  • Anti-piracy planning


Managing IP

You can manage your IP and monetise its value. Let our ‘Managing IP’ team help you to plan, grow and monetise the value of your IP assets, We will work with you to develop strategies to identify and realise the commercial potential of your IP so you can create a valuable revenue stream for your business. By providing strategic advice on licensing and other income generation sources, by formulating policies and by lobbying for a beneficial legislative and economic environment, we can help you to ensure a long term revenue stream - driven by IP.

  • Commercial IP strategy
  • Internet monitoring
  • PR and lobbying


30 Years IP Experience

We have 30 years experience in handling IP issues gained both in private practice and in house and will use this knowledge to assist you to manage your external lawyers and any litigation.

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